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"Xoe-B is an amazing talent with her interpretation of some very well known tracks and I for one, am in awe of her originality and musical skills"

Darren Boyce‎

Xoe-B is an acoustic singer/songwriter who’s lyrical content is inspired by true feelings, thoughts and events. Xoe-B’s songs are written to emphasise certain aspects of the story that are relatable to most people and can take you on an emotional rollercoaster throughout each song. Her writing is heavily influenced by vocalists and songwriters like Tori Kelly, JP Cooper and Whitney Huston. 

Xoe-B has a ”unique delivery that varies from powerful chorus’, to hushed gentle lyrics and M.C. style delivery”. Everything Xoe-B releases aims to be different from the last but still has the authentic and earthy sound that makes it all cohesive.  

Xoe-B started studying music from a young age when she took part in her dance schools shows which always included some musical theatre singing. She really started to expand on her knowledge in high school when she was inspired by someone she met who taught themselves how to play guitar, piano and sing. Xoe-B took this a competition which then turned into her passion. Xoe-B then continued her musical passion at Northbrook College studying Music Performance and Production where she met more like-minded people and started to gig and perform in her local area. Once she finished college with a double Distinction, she studied vocal performance at ACM for a year. After deciding the course wasn’t for her, Xoe-B is now finishing her studies in Commercial Music at WaterBear College of Music in Brighton. 


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